Aioli Story

It all started back in 1999 when Jordan Mullikin, the owner of Aioli, started working in his father’s restaurant called Giorgio’s of Chicago. At the early age of 12 he learned a lot about the restaurant business working there on the weekends and during the week after school. Jordan’s creative side started at age 14 when he became tired of eating the food every day at the restaurant. This inspired him to start making different sauces and preparing his food differently. After Giorgio’s closed in 2002 while catering a wedding with his father they met the Food and Beverage Manager of a Marriott Hotel. He told Jordan’s father that he wanted Jordan to come and work for him in the Hotel kitchen. Jordan began working in cold preparation, banquets and later running the seafood buffet for dinner.

This gave him the confidence he needed to cook for hundreds of people. After completing High School Jordan decided to open up a smaller version of his father’s restaurant. He opened up Chicago’s Best with the help of his father, since he was only eighteen years old. The menu consisted of Chicago favorites like the Chicago hot dog and Italian beef all of which were served at his father’s restaurant, Giorgio’s. After seven years of building and owning Chicago’s Best Jordan realized that this was not what brought him satisfaction. He wanted to create and have fun cooking again. This is when he decided to change the restaurant’s name and recreate his company focusing on what he loves, sauces!!!

Aioli focuses on exactly that, crafted foods with sauces that are combined with fresh produce and hand crafted specialty breads. He is equally focused on his catering, where he specializes in corporate lunches and social events. His food expresses the same personality and creativity that he built upon when he was 14 years old. Jordan is committed to ensuring that his customers are thoroughly pleased with their meal and proud of their catered events. Let Aioli create an unforgettable experience for your next event.